Academy of military medical sciences, PLA

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Military academy of medical sciences is the highest medical research institute of the Chinese people's liberation army (PLA), founded in August 1951, presently is equipped with radiation medicine pharmacology and toxicology, institute of biological engineering, microbial epidemic in blood transfusion medicine research institute and other 11 research institute, as well as hospital institutions has gathered a group of senior professional and technical personnel, the existing 4 member of Chinese academy of sciences academician five people after 40 years of construction and development, the military academy of medical sciences has developed into a multi-disciplinary comprehensive medical scientific research institutions, the national center for biomedical analysis The national center for safety evaluation of new drug clinical front (GLP laboratory) national clinical pharmacology base And all the preventive medicine research center about 20 comprehensive interdisciplinary research center and key professional laboratory and completed many of the significant scientific research task of national army, received more than 1500 scientific research achievement Military academy of medical sciences is the cradle of talent training of military medical research Successively with domestic dozens of key research institutions established transverse connection, with more than 40 countries and regions of the related research institutions and academic organizations to carry out the study of academic exchanges and cooperation The academy of military medical sciences is an important base for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. High-tech enterprises in the academy give full play to their high-tech advantages, and focus on the research and development of pharmaceutical biological products and health care products. A number of high-tech achievements and products have been introduced to the society, and some products have entered the international market and achieved great social benefits.